Our Vision

Imagine a place that cultivates hope, invests in families, and brings pride to a community. This place will celebrate family, encourage positive relationships and connections, and provide a vibrant space that will not only be a unique resource for the community but will also leave a lasting legacy and improve the quality of life for all families.
Our vision is to build a distinctive model that Nurture Families operates with our partners, responding to the unique Worcestershire locality with its close links to Herefordshire.

A new multi-use rural family centre to meet economic, social and environmental considerations in the local area. More widely, the centre will provide services across health and education. The project entails the following programmes to make it a place with purpose:

1. Employability programme

2. Farm to family restaurant and event space

3. Early childhood education and care that works alongside pregnancy support and specialised parent-infant relationship services


Local Benefit

Our approach includes being able to measure our impact and share this with others. We calculate that the rural family centre, with all the services it encompasses, will bring economic and social benefits to the local area in terms of employment, supply chain and for the wider community and visitor economy.

Economic Impact

Longlasting annual savings to the public purse through our work focusing on first 1001 days of life.

Jobs created during construction phase.

Focused on suppliers within a 30 mile radius.

Employment Impact

Local jobs created.

40% of employees under 23, but all paid above the minimum wage for over 23s.

Employee benefits programme that support mental health and wellbeing.

Community Impact

Programmes with local schools and nuseries.

More than 1000 children supported every year.

Supporting local suppliers within 30 miles and regional suppliers within the West Midlands region.

A Distinctive Model

As champions of our locality, our business model supports local suppliers, farmers and food producers. We are passionate about maintaining our farming roots and ensuring that our buildings fit sensitively within their environment. We aim to be responsible employers and make a meaningful contribution to our communities.

We want to build on what we do already. Nurture families are one of only 43 parent-infant relationship specialist teams in the UK. Through our other services, including Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten which was the first outdoor nursery school in Worcestershire, we are well positioned to champion our locality and bring about lasting change.

Our unique partnership with the local farm enables us to operate from a family-farm whilst working together to bring long lasting positive impact to our communities.










Increasing Impact

Nurture Families
Nurture Families
Growing Change
Growing Change
The Farm
The Farm


The Growing Change Project is a partnership between the social enterprise, Nurture Families and a local farm.